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Out of State

Out of State
Documentary | 2017 | NR. 1hr 22min

OUT OF STATE is the story of outcasts, of native Hawaiian prisoners shipped 3,000 miles across the ocean to a for-profit prison in the desert of Arizona. In this unlikely setting, these men discover their fierce indigenous dances, inspiring two students to fight to turn their lives around upon release.

Director Q&A following the 2:00 PM Screening

Ciara Lacey will be available via Skype to share more about her documentary and take questions from the audience as time allows. Seating is limited and advance ticket purchase is recommended. 

Both men have done some pretty bad things, but their remorse and desire to change feel sincere. This makes them both easy to root for. They’re cautiously optimistic and have the right attitude but, as promised, life on the outside isn’t always going to be easy. David in particular has a lot of debt and some trouble keeping a job. The challenges are unavoidable but Out of State is all about hope and resilience. You’ll want them to succeed and they’ll make you proud. This is a documentary that gives you faith that people really can change and that rehabilitation really is possible under the right conditions.
Matthew Paradis, Cinema Axis
The film can be a tool for the viewer to feel empathy for the images gong though this process and lead to discussion for moving these Hawaiians out of these far away for profit prisons back to facilities on the island. But that cost money and at the moment the government is not willing to spend. On the island prison is seen as punishment thus the men are out of site out of mind forgotten by the community. The film could lead to the population seeing the possibility of rehabilitation in a prison closer to home.
Norm McGlashan, Flick Hunter
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