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Northwest Visions #1

Northwest Visions #1
2018 | NR. 1hr 15min
CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various 2018 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection

Documentary, dramatic and comedic short works by Washington-based filmmakers. Filmmakers will be in attendance.

1. The Last Swing
US | 9 MIN | 2017 | Derek Knowles, Luke Wigren
After 32-years delivering mail in Renton, WA, a United States letter carrier takes out her last bundle of letters before retirement. The people she’s delivered to reflect on those years and wonder what they will do when she’s gone. West Coast Premiere

2. Her Room by the Kitchen
US | 11 MIN | 2018 | Romina Romero-Hermoso
Discover the secret world of living as an au pair by following a determined young woman from Mexico as she questions whether her hopes for her year in the United States match reality.

3. Weightless
US | 3 MIN | 2018 | Kent Colony
Pacific Northwest Ballet Soloist Leta Biasucci describes how cues from nature can be embodied in dance. World Premiere

4. Wound
US | 8 MIN | 2018 | Trey Tice
Recovering alcoholic Adelaide uses a mysterious pocket watch to travel back in time, hoping to change a tragic moment in her past. But once she gets there, she finds it hard to control so she must repeat the process. World Premiere

5. The Boulevard of Semi-Reconstructed Dreams
US | 4 MIN | 2018 | Erik Hammen
A distraught man seeks shelter with an old flame. World Premiere

6. Thread
US | 23 MIN | 2018 | Luke Rockswold
Madeline learns the difficulty of accepting death as she struggles with the loss of her sister in a tragic accident. At a loss, her boyfriend Jesse attempts to teach her how to come to terms with the fact that death is a part of life - or is it? WA State Premiere

7. Medieval Martha Stewart
US | 14 MIN | 2018 | Taylor Hawkins
A man finds peace through fashioning weapons of war. WA State Premiere

Screenings will be held at The Grand Cinema.

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