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Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 2018 | R. 1hr 30min
CAST: Tay Lee, Mark Ryan Haltom, Ray Chung DIRECTOR: Shojiro Nishimi WEIRD ELEPHANT SERIES

This dark but stunningly animated sci-fi vision mlange of anime, film noir, and Lucha Libre, centers on young Angelino and his skull-and-flame pal Vinny. The two live in a seedy tenement in Dark Meat City (DMC), an L.A.-inspired dystopian metropolis - a burnt-out, gang-and-cockroach-ridden, neo-urban hell. Following a scooter accident Angelino starts experiencing migraines, strange hallucinations and fits of rage-inspired superpowers. Slowly awakens to the truth of his origins: he is half human and half Macho, a supernatural alien race that is bent on taking over the planet.

The visual style and narrative are imaginative, and there's enough social commentary to give this silly caper some weight.
Leah Pickett, Chicago Reader
MFKZ is bound to be the coolest animation you'll see this year.
Peter Turner, Starburst
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