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Late Night Shorts 3

Late Night Shorts 3
Short, Late night | 2023 | NR. 1hr 40min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

The Light | United States | 7 | Kendahl Cruver | A lost spirit remembers her life while trapped between worlds.  

Kaiju Girl | Japan | 24 | Takafumi Sakabe | After a monster appears in Tokyo, junior high students Himika and outcast Mizuki bond over shared dreams of a creature threatening their town; Himika hides a secret.  

Popcorn | Spain | 13 | Monica Dolado | Little Red Riding Hood, now an adult, faces the moral conflict of becoming a murderer, in order to avenge the assault and death of her little sister at the hands of LOBO.  

Lost in the Sky | Sweden | 12 | Simon Oster | In a strange galaxy a small rescue robot is searching for survivors when he makes a dark discovery, leaving him with a devastating choice.  

Daddy | United States | 20 | Johanna Steinhart | An aspiring pornstar spends the summer of 1980 sleeping with men who pass through her family's motel, until she's confronted with her father's darkest secret.  

Virga | Canada | 24 | Jean-Francois Leblanc | Pascal suspects the worst when he reads the post of Jeremy, a former classmate. He immediately alerts the police, convinced that Jeremy is on the verge of attacking his ex-colleagues. Feeling that the police won't do anything, Pascal decides to go help the young man himself. 

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