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In the Dark: PNW Night Visions

In the Dark: PNW Night Visions
2019 | NR. 1hr 30min
CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various 2019 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection

Horror, fantasy, and comedy short films by Pacific NW creators. Programmed by Katy Evans and Wade Neal.

1. American Girl

US | 2018 | Pacific NW | 3 min | Martin Tran
When the time comes to put away childish things...
Filmmakers will be in attendance.

2. The Dark Divide

US | 2018 | Pacific NW | 11 min | Kira Hanson
Holden is searching for Sasquatch while struggling to discern reality from his mental illness. World Premiere

3. The Strange Fate of Mark Christie

US | 2019 | Pacific NW | 25 min | Wes Johnson
Mark Christie’s job is going to hell, and a she-devil has invaded his home. World Premiere. Filmmakers will be in attendance.

4. In the Dark

US | 2019 | Pacific NW | 13 min | Thomas Blanchard, Amber Celletti
When investigating a spooky house Periwinkle and Windflower, a pair of young adult paranormal mystery sleuths, find themselves in the dark, quite literally… US Premiere. Filmmakers will be in attendance.

5. Our Troll

US | 2019 | Pacific NW | 12 min | D.J. Walker
A dinner goes awry when a Troll with an agenda arrives. Filmmakers will be in attendance.

6. Calamity Falls

US | 2018 | Pacific NW | 20 min | Hadley Hillel
After the sudden death of her parents, a young girl finds a portal to an alternate world where they are still alive; she must choose whether to live with them or stay with her brother.

7. Witches Get Stitches

US | 2019 | Pacific NW | 4 min | Matthew Robinson
A coven of ancient witches begin to conjure a demon with a blood sacrifice... “But cutting myself HURRRRRTS! NO!” WA State Premiere. Filmmaker will be in attendance.

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