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Documentary | 2021 | G. 1hr 33min
DIRECTOR: Viktor Kosakovskiy IN-THEATERS ONLY | CLOSES 6/10/21

Experiential cinema in its purest form, Gunda chronicles the unfiltered lives of a mother pig, a flock of chickens, and a herd of cows with masterful intimacy. Using stark, transcendent black and white cinematography and the farm's ambient soundtrack, Master director Victor Kossakowsky invites the audience to slow down and experience life as his subjects do, taking in their world with a magical patience and an other worldly perspective. Gunda asks us to meditate on the mystery of animal consciousness, and reckon with the role humanity plays in it.

You'll feel like you're making new best friends when you watch "Gunda." It's as pure a farmyard experience as a movie can conceivably be.
Bob Strauss, San Francisco Chronicle
Beyond its value as a meditation on animal captivity and cruelty... this is a film that pays attention to things we've long neglected and to in-between interludes we have forgotten how to see.
Jessica Kiang, Los Angeles Times
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