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Futures and Pasts: Short Documentary and Narrative Films

Futures and Pasts: Short Documentary and Narrative Films
Documentary | 2018 | NR. 1hr 30min
DIRECTOR: Various 2018 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection

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Five documentaries including a portrait of Portland outsider artist Rev. Charles “Chuck” Linville; preceded by the science fiction Information Superhighway.

1. Information Superhighway
US | 11 MIN | 2017 | Mathew Nelson
A man participates in an experiment to test artificial intelligence in driverless cars. Filmmaker will be in attendance. WA State Premiere

2. 3 Dreams of Horses
CANADA | 6 MIN | Mike Hoolboom

Film is made out of gelatin that comes from horses. They’re waiting to be slaughtered, so that pictures can be made. Many years ago we learned the language of our masters. Though we couldn’t help wondering why so few of you bothered to learn ours. Three scenes featuring horses, remembering Jacinto. The first is a daytime forest haunting that winds up at a carousel, the second a rainy street in Portugal, the finale a nighttime vigil of fire and water. WA State Premiere

3. Practice
CHINA, US | 10 MIN | 2018 | Iyabo Kwayana
Filmed near the Shaolin temple in Henan, China, Practice is visual metaphor that moves from the mundane realm of arduous and repetitious rehearsal to the fantastic fulfillment that comes as a result. WA State Premiere

4. Silica
UK | 23 MIN | 2017 | Pia Borg
An unseen location scout explores an opal mining town in South Australia in Pia Borg’s sci-fi-laced essay film, which finds in this semideserted region both the traces of indigenous culture and remnants of cinema history.

5. Optimism
US, CANADA | 14 MIN | 2018 | Deborah Stratman
The urge to find fortune in alluvial gravel is part of a long history of desire and extraction in the far Canadian north. Cancan dancers, curlers, ore smelters, former city officials and a curious cliff-side mirrored disc congregate to form a town portrait of Dawson City,Yukon Territory. West Coast Premiere

6. Thou Shall Not Tailgate
US | 25 MIN | Greg Hamilton
A cross between a collector, provocateur and outsider artist, the Reverend Charles “Chuck” Linville stands in odd contrast to the world around him. Thou Shall Not Tailgate pokes fun at art, religion and politics, while following Linville as he lives on his own terms. Filmmaker will be in attendance. WA State Premiere

Screenings will be held at The Grand Cinema.

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