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2019 | NR. 1hr 17min
CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various 2019 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection


Narrative and documentary short films.

1. Losing Light

US | 2019 | 7 min | Alisha Tejpal
Off the edge of Highway 138 lies an old telephone relay station. The space lies witness to the incessant passing of freight trucks and travelers. As the sun sets patterns of light and shadow emerge but the rumble of the highway continuously intrudes on the rhythms within. Losing Light is a portrait of a house I once lived in. World Premiere. Filmmaker will be in attendance.

2. Untitled (burned rubber on asphalt, 2018)

Norway/Finland | 2019 | 20 min | Tinja Ruusuvuori
In a remote Norwegian village, the weaving roads have become the subject of controversy. Assuming the role of detective, the documentary investigates the bewildering phenomena of car skid marks and their mysterious appearance. Winding, looping, curving, the hypnotizing patterns reveal unexpected frictions in the village, as well as prompting the villagers to reflect on their sense of beauty. WA State Premiere

3. Dey Thmey Phlauv Kouch (New Land Broken Road)

Cambodia/Malaysia | 2018 | 15 min | Kavich Neang
Phnom Penh at night. Three young hip-hop dancers drive a single motorbike and stop on a muddy deserted road. Nick leaves the others to look for an iPhone he heard was lost in the area. Piseth and Thy discuss their hopes and doubts, and Piseth shows his best Michael Jackson moves. They meet Leakhena, a young female street vendor whose cart is full of colors. US Premiere

4. Edge of Red

US | 2019 | 13 min | Callie Mae Nichole Lyons
Edge of Red is an interdisciplinary, non-linear, narrative and dance short film that follows Leaf, a curious yet impressionable 6-year-old girl, on her journey through joy, sadness, confusion and enlightenment as she tries to make sense of her identity as it relates to her proximity to death, her family, environment and connection to the Spiritual plane. WA State Premiere. Filmmaker will be in attendance.


US | 2018 | Pacific NW | 5 min | Masami Kawai
Like an eclipse where the sun, moon, and earth come into alignment, this work presents the interplay of camera, subject, and audience. In a choreographed dance, the subject’s movement reveals the limits of the camera and its resulting expressive and perceptual possibilities. WA State Premiere

6. Prisoner of Society

Georgia | 2018 | 15 min | Rati Tsiteladze
What does it mean to be a stranger in your own home and country? Prisoner of Society is an intimate journey into the world and mind of a young transgender woman, who has been locked away from the outside world for the past decade. WA State Premiere

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