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Family Shorts

Family Shorts
Comedy, Animation, Family, Short | 2023 | NR. 0hr 56min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

Backyard Aviator  | United States | 3 | David Over | While his father is away at work as an airline pilot, a little boy uses his imagination to build an airplane in the garage.

I am not afraid! | Germany, Norway | 7 | Marita Mayer | Vanja discovers that being brave means to face your own fears, and that everyone is scared now and then, even the big ones.

First Love | United States | 5 | Chad Smith + Kevin Hasenkopf | First Love is the story of a little vintage children's turntable who loses his love and goes on a quest to reclaim it.

Luce and the Rock | Belgium | 13 | Britt Raes | One day, out of nowhere, a giant Rock lays in the middle of the peaceful little village where Luce lives. The villagers can't even open the door to their houses anymore! Luce is angry: go away Rock, you don't belong here! And why are you here anyway?

Konni | Iceland | 10 | Thorbjorg Jonsdottir, Lee Lynch | North of Iceland lies the island of Grimsey. Straddled by the arctic circle, it is the northernmost inhabited part of the country. The island measures 5.3 square km and is a 3 1/2 hour ferry ride from the mainland. The year-round population is only 16 people. Currently only one child lives on the Island, a 6 year old boy named Konni.

From The Top | United Kingdom | 8 | Rich Farris | Having fallen off of the path to stardom, Robin decides to get rid of her drum kit. But giving up a passion isn't always easy!

Career Day | United States | 10 | Jason Robinson, Chris Hooper | Former 90s pop star reunites and performs with his old boy band for his daughter's elementary school Career Day.



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