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Faces Places

Faces Places
Documentary | 2017 | PG. 1hr 29min
CAST: Jean-Paul Beaujon, Amaury Bossy, Yves Boulen DIRECTOR: JR, Agnes Varda ENDING DECEMBER 14

Agnes Varda and JR have things in common: a passion for and the exploration of images in general, and more precisely, for places and for ways of showing, sharing, and exhibiting them. Agnes chose cinema. JR chose to create open air photography galleries. When Agnes and JR met in 2015, they immediately wanted to work together, to shoot a film in France, far from cities, during a trip in JR's photographic (and magical) truck. Through chance encounters and prepared projects, they reached out to others, listening to them, photographing them, and sometimes putting them on posters. This film also tells the story of Agnes and JR's friendship, which grew stronger throughout the film shoot, between surprises and teasing, and while laughing about their differences.

A delightful, artful road trip ...
Peter Howell, Toronto Star
Marvelously creative collaboration with JR extends Varda's unique career and impact...combines her planning and wide-ranging connections with his improv and exuberant energy.
Nora Lee Mandel, FF2 Media
Conceptually simple yet completely unique, the charming film is both intensely personal and poignantly universal.
Todd Jorgenson,
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