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Experimental Short Films - WTFF?

Experimental Short Films - WTFF?
Short, Experimental | 2023 | NR. 1hr 51min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

kaua - we (you & i) | United States | 2 |  Rachel Makana'aloha O Kauikeolani Nakawatase | In an attempt to use mirror divination, a spirit appears as a clever creature during the year of the rabbit.

Island | United States | 3 | Jack Cronin | A filmic postcard from Isle Royale National Park.

Konni | Iceland | 10 | Thorbjorg Jonsdottir, Lee Lynch | North of Iceland lies the island of Grimsey. Straddled by the arctic circle, it is the northernmost inhabited part of the country. The island measures 5.3 square km and is a 3 1/2 hour ferry ride from the mainland. The year-round population is only 16 people. Currently only one child lives on the Island, a 6 year old boy named Konni.

How to Make an ASMR Dumpling  | United States | 3 | Yixuan Pan | This video is a component of my ongoing project: From Scratch: Tasting the Tenderness in Food Production. I hope to use this video to invite immigrants with Asian heritage to join an immersive ASMR cooking show in which participants will be led through a series of collective cooking activities to make dumplings. This project aims to bring awareness to the often diminished labor of immigrants, as well as provide space for healing from the trauma of the global pandemic. 

Damp Moss | United States | 4 | Christopher Thompson | Glittering illusions of vectorized providence attempt to emulate an inherited physical realm of diminishing significance.

Vision of Paradise | Brazil, United Kingdom, United States | 16 | Leonardo Pirondi | On the myth from 1483 Hy-Brazil, is known to exist to the west of Ireland. Vision of Paradise is an examination of the capacity of the human imagination and computer simulations to construct spaces.

it follows it passes on | Taiwan | 5 | Erica Sheu | Incense yielded a little light and led the way to hide from the bomb. Broken dishes time travel.  Imaginations of a post-war island, Kinmen, from familial anecdotes. Tracing the roots of cross-generational sentiments behind the glare of glasses, the display of a self-made museum. Lights reveal and conceal the stories.

Lotus-Eyed Girl | Sri Lanka, United States | 6 | Rajee Samarasinghe | A haunting collage of pomegranate arils, rural and urban landscapes, family history and mandalas undulate at a crossroads between death and longing.

A Field Guide to Coastal Fortifications | United States, Serbia | 24 | Tijana Petrovic | This film explores a dynamic relationship between the structures of colonial power and the land on which they are built.

Living Lessons in the Museum of Order | United States | 21 | Malic Amalya | Tourism in an age of mass incarceration and mass extinction.

Exquisite Corpse Trilogy  | United States, Korea | 17 | Seokyoung Yang | Through three unsuccessful attempts and trials, a filmmaker seeks to reconcile with the death of her father.

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