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E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial

E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial
Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi | 1982 | PG. 1hr 55min
CAST: Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Peter Coyote, Dee Wallace DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg FREE FAMILY FLICK

Both a classic movie for kids and a remarkable portrait of childhood, E.T. is a sci-fi adventure that captures that strange moment in youth when the world is a place of mysterious possibilities.  After a gentle alien becomes stranded on Earth, the being is discovered and befriended by a young boy named Elliott. Bringing the extraterrestrial into his suburban California house, Elliott introduces E.T., as the alien is dubbed, to his brother and his little sister, Gertie, and the children decide to keep its existence a secret. Soon, however, E.T. falls ill, resulting in government intervention and a dire situation for both Elliott and the alien.

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There are many big moments in E.T., but also plenty of magical small ones that make it work after all these years.
Matt Soergel, Florida Times-Union
Spielberg's direction and Melissa Mathison's script never lose sight of the realistic, low center of gravity world of childhood, in which such marvelous adventures happen every day.
Jami Bernard, New York Daily News
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