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Dramatic Shorts - Moving On

Dramatic Shorts - Moving On
Drama, Short | 2023 | NR. 1hr 35min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

Reverb | United Kingdom | 10 | Liv Boren | REVERB is an intimate story of grief and trauma told through the lens of a fiery pre-teen girl and punctuated by the London punk-rock music scene.

nothing, except everything. | United States | 13 | Wesley Wang | A graduating high schooler navigates a world of seemingly inevitable chaos by finding order in the number 7.

Development  | Australia | 9 | Rebecca Metcalf | Flirtation and violence are dangerous bedfellows in this budding teen romance. 

Infinity! | United States | 11 | Benjamin To | A famous Japanese-American dance duo must choose between their passion or their lives as WWII concentration camps begin to rise in the U.S.

Bellybutton | United States | 8 | Hilary Eden  | A Y2K teen girl struggles to connect fantasy and reality when she gets a piercing after school. 

This Wild Abyss | United States | 23 | Thomas Mendolia | A former cowboy turned janitor with an eighth-grade education, Milt Humason forms an unlikely friendship with astronomer Edwin Hubble and assists him at Mt. Wilson Observatory, a partnership that leads to their discovery that the universe is expanding.

In Tow | United States | 21 | Sharon Arteaga | A self-involved high school cheerleader and her overworked single mom wake up to find that their mobile home is being towed away... with them inside of it!

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