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Dramatic Shorts - Happenings

Dramatic Shorts - Happenings
Drama, Short | 2024 | NR. 1hr 22min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

Likeness | United States | 15 | David A. Flores | A young woman works with a digital copy of her mom to investigate the sudden disappearance of her real mom.

Lucky Market | United States | 12 | Eric Wang Schwager | A young-at-heart grocer clings to her past as her son tries to uproot her from the only home she's ever known.

Break | United States | 9 | Sam Henderson | BREAK is the story of a young drummer who is looking to calm his nerves in front of two veteran musicians and fulfill his dream of being a drummer in a jazz trio.

Tough Skin | United States | 3 | Elijah Brewer | After an accident in the woods, a boy discovers his repressed emotions have strange physical manifestations.

Picture Day | United States | 16 | Kelly Pike | A young tomboy coming of age on military bases is forced to decide what she'll sacrifice to fit in at her new school.

The Fourth | United States | 12 | Johnny Kirk | Eager to celebrate the 4th of July, Rey and his friends experience a police encounter that shatters the meaning of the holiday.

Shadow Brother Sunday | United States | 15 | Alden Ehrenreich | A down-on-his-luck musician returns home on the day of his younger brother's movie premiere to steal his computer and sell it to the paparazzi.

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