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Dramatic Shorts - Breaking Through to the Other Side

Dramatic Shorts - Breaking Through to the Other Side
Drama, Short | 2023 | NR. 1hr 50min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

Plus  | Ukraine | 10 | Bohdan Romanko | A Ukrainian soldier on the front-lines of the 2022-2023 Russian War and his would-be girlfriend anxiously text back and forth, a journey of sacrifice and tragedy.

Cats Don't Sleep at Night | United States | 14 | Beibei Xu Champagne | A young women tries to get through another day with depression while dealing with a sense of detachment from her cat and boyfriend.

Paul's Room | France | 16 | Pierre Lefrancois Verove | Men and women shout, crowd, shake then embrace.  Paul says goodbye to them. He leaves the institution with the hope, perhaps, of a new beginning, but outside, the past persists from one room to another.

Blue Has No Dimensions (Azul) | Portugal | 20 | Agata de Pinho | When Ara realizes where her belief came from, she's propelled to catharsis: does she disappear?

Cotton Fever | United States | 19 | Daniel Blake Schwartz | James, a low level drug dealer and addict, struggles to raise money for a new family.

Lucienne dans un monde sans solitude | France | 31 | Geordy Couturiau | In a world without solitude, where everyone shares their life with their double, Lucienne has a relationship with Paul, a former lover who has lost his twin. 

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