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Downtown 81

Downtown 81
Comedy, Drama, Musical | 2000 | NR. 1hr 12min
English Subtitles CAST: Jean-Michel Basquiat, John Lurie, Richard Weigand DIRECTOR: Edo Bertoglio BLACK HISTORY MONTH | CLASSIC FILM SERIES

After being released from the hospital, the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat wanders around Manhattan trying to sell art to make money and find a place to stay.

Join us at the evening screening for an introduction by local artist Ace Wilson, who will also have prints for sale after. Ace Wilson is an artist and filmmaker who is "a high vibe creative genius with a big heart and an old soul." He will be showcasing at Alma Mater's Milk Gallery in March.

Part of our Black History Month programming. LEARN MORE

Its bygone-ness still abuzz with creativity and movement, DOWNTOWN 81 is a celluloid scrapbook that we can all be thankful for in helping capture the rumble before takeoff.
Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times
Viewers of 'Downtown 81' become de facto archaeologists. We peer into long-since-shuttered clubs, and gaze at rubble-filled lower Manhattan blocks where a Whole Foods or Capital One bank may now stand.
Melissa Anderson, 4Columns
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