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Documentary, Biography | 2017 | NR. 1hr 35min
CAST: Hillary Clinton, Angela Davis, Dolores Huerta DIRECTOR: Peter Bratt LIKELY ENDING 11/02

Dolores Huerta bucks 1950s gender conventions by starting the country's first farm worker's union with fellow organizer Cesar Chavez. What starts out as a struggle for racial and labor justice, soon becomes a fight for gender equality within the same union she is eventually forced to leave. As she wrestles with raising 11 children, three marriages, and is nearly beaten to death by a San Francisco tactical police squad, Dolores emerges with a vision that connects her new found feminism with racial and class justice.

"Dolores" is a fascinating corrective to 50-plus years of American history. It's educational, to be sure, but also exhilarating, inspiring and deeply emotional.
Lora Grady, Washington Post
Dolores is ultimately straightforward, insightful and should be credited for presenting a broad look at a woman many find heroic, and others find polarizing.
Josh Terry, Deseret News
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