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Doing the Work!

Doing the Work!
2019 | NR. 1hr 27min
CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various
2019 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection

From bare-back horse racing to Madonna inspired dance routines, these are just a few of the ways Indigenous people get to work in this extraordinary program. Curated by Tracy Rector.

1. Biidaaban

Canada | 2018 | 20 min | Amanda Strong
Accompanied by a 10,000-year-old shapeshifter, Biidaaban sets out on a mission to reclaim the ceremonial harvesting of sap from maple trees.

2. Blood (and) Memory 2

US | 2019 | 4 min | Marcella Ernest
A split-screen remix of home movies explores how the construction of Indigenous memory fast-forwards and rewinds in time.

2. Emptying the Tank

Canada | 2018 | 10 min | Caroline Monnet
A striking portrait of Chippewa female mixed-martial-artist Ashley Nichols, celebrating her inner strength, fortitude, and dedication.

3. Fast Horse

Canada | 2019 | 14 min | Alexandra Lazarowich
Siksika horseman Allison RedCrow dreams of bringing a team to the “greatest outdoor show on Earth”—the Calgary Stampede. 

4. Les Vaillants (The Brave)

Canada | 2018 | 5 min | Martin Gunn
For over 100 years, Kitcisakik men have gathered to build a casket as a show of solidarity with the deceased’s family. 

5. Paulette

US | 2019 | 20 min | Heather Rae
Follow the history-making rise of Coeur d’Alene tribal member Paulette Jordan, the first Indigenous candidate to win the Idaho Primary for Governor.

6. Sweetheart Dancers

US | 2019 | 14 min | Ben-Alex Dupris
Sean Snyder and Adrian Stevens, a Ute and Navajo two-spirit couple, shift culture through their participation in this celebrated powwow contest.

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