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Documentary Shorts - Environment/Climate

Documentary Shorts - Environment/Climate
Documentary, Short | 2023 | NR. 1hr 28min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

All in the Water | United States | 19 | Judy Larson | Set in Texas, Michigan, and Oregon, All in the Water raises the volume on the stories shared by people of color who are not only passionate about fly fishing, but passionate about opening up the outdoors and more specifically, the fly fishing world, to people of color so that everyone can find their way to the water to cast to a rising fish.  The narratives find a common thread in seeking to move beyond just being able to walk into a river or stream to fish but to feel truly welcome and enjoy all that the water provides. These are stories of ardent optimism in the face of long-entrenched barriers that are just beginning to fall in outdoor spaces.

Healy | United States | 14 | Maya Craig | Scientists embark on a 55-day mission on icebreaker ship USCGC Healy to study why the Arctic ice cap is melting dramatically faster than previously understood, bringing insight into how a transforming Arctic impacts people everywhere.

Bliss.jpg | United States | 9 | Emily Rose Apter & Elijah Stevens | A travelog through the familiar and unfamiliar terrain of digital landscapes, Bliss.jpg excavates and examines the geological and geographical sites that produce our virtual worlds.

Gentle Hum of Spring | Canada | 10 | Simon Garez | As the spring thaw approaches in Saskatchewan, a young beekeeper struggles to maintain his bee colonies after they are afflicted by a mysterious malady. 

Kings of Gorst Creek | United States | 10 | Andrew Wright | Each summer there is a stream of complaints in Kitsap County when tribal gillnets hit the water. Take a moment to learn the full story.

All Sounds Within | Germany | 26 | Salka Tiziana | In the heart of Madrid a ravaged forest lays calm in the aftermath of the storm. Shepherds, sheep and dogs roam among the branches of uprooted trees. Above them, the city resounds with birdsong and underneath we hear the murmurs of the herd. Old walls, new barriers enclose this territory. At night its borders dissolve on the hilltop. Under a black sky the contours of its inhabitants emerge. The land rings out and the city glimmers.

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