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Documentary and Dramatic Shorts - Shifting Scenes

Documentary and Dramatic Shorts - Shifting Scenes
Drama, Documentary, Short | 2023 | NR. 1hr 31min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

waking up in silence | Ukraine, Germany | 18 | Mila Zhluktenko & Daniel Asadi Faezi | Ukrainian children are confronted with their past as they explore their new home in Germany: a former Wehrmacht military barracks.

Fili | United States | 16 | Peter Filimaua | Recent graduate Fili Tanuvasa is torn between following his father's footsteps in playing football and pursuing his hidden passion for acting.

O falecido | Switzerland | 19 | Philipp Veiga Amaro | He is known as the deceased, "O falecido". Even though he is in no way dead. Philipp, the filmmaker, lived with his father until the age of 16. But he has no memory of him. What exactly happened? He comes across a diary and tries to find answers - he confronts the women in his family and finds his own perspective.

The Discoverer of the Discoverers | Norway | 25 | C.S. Nicholson | A West African family recounts how an ancestor discovered European explorers to a European film crew.

In Wonderland | United States | 13 | Andrea Camacho McCracken | A resilient 8-year-old Mexican girl granted asylum in the U.S. escapes into the fantasy world of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to reunite with her father.

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