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Better Luck Tomorrow

Better Luck Tomorrow
Drama, Crime, Romance | 2002 | R. 1hr 41min
CAST: Parry Shen, Jason Tobin, Sung Kang DIRECTOR: Justin Lin SILVER SCREEN SOCIETY | May 17-23, 2024

An accomplished high school student, Ben (Parry Shen) seems to excel at almost everything except winning over his dream girl, Stephanie (Karin Anna Cheung). When he begins an unlikely friendship with trouble-seeking tough guy Daric (Roger Fan), Ben becomes involved in petty crime that gets increasingly dangerous, with his various illegal ventures extending to include Stephanie and her wealthy beau, Steve (John Cho). Can these restless teens curb their criminal activities before it's too late?

Better Luck Tomorrow, a corrosive, insightful study of the pressure-packed lives of suburban high school students, brings a new variant to gangster movies: gangsters with perfect SAT scores.
Ben Nuckols, Associated Press
Justin Lin's sleek and skillful Better Luck Tomorrow is a well-contoured fantasy, not about magical worlds, secret gardens, or Middle-earths, but about the place within where demons may lie in those who may otherwise seem to be the best of us.
Barbara Shulgasser, Common Sense Media
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