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Animation | 2018 | NR. 1hr 7min
DIRECTOR: Various 2018 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection

1. Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic
US | 3 MIN | 2017 | Annapurna Kumar
 The most efficient containers can house multiple pieces of information in the same location, intersecting different angles. Filmmaker will be in attendance

2. Phototaxis
US | 6 MIN | 2017 | Melissa Ferrari
Phototaxis draws parallels between Mothman, a prophetic and demonized creature in West Virginia lore, and Narcotics Anonymous, the primary treatment program in WV’s
addiction epidemic. WA State Premiere

3. Black Dog
US | 15 MIN | 2017 | Joshua Tuthill
A dark family drama set during the space race of the 1960s, using stop-motion animation and archival footage to elucidate a time of heated social and political tension. WA State Premiere

4. Applied Pressure
US | 6 MIN | 2018 | Kelly Sears
Sequential images sourced from massage books are activated to reflect on the recent public
conversation surrounding bodies, massage, and assault. WA State Premiere

5. Manivald
ESTONIA, CROATIA, CANADA | 13 MIN | 2017 | Chintis Lundgren
Manivald, a fox, is turning 33. He lives with his mother and spends his days learning piano while his mother makes his coffee and washes his socks. It is an easy life, but not a good one.

6. Snow Lee Leopard
US| 3 MIN | 2018 | Laura Heit
Artist Lee Kelly's sculpture forest prompts animation flurry. Filmmaker will be in attendance.  WA State Premiere 

7. Solar Walk
DENMARK | 21 MIN | 2017 | Réka Bucsi
Solar Walk shows the journey of individuals and their creations through time and space. It’s about the melancholy of accepting chaos as beautiful and cosmic.

8. Extrapolate
NETHERLANDS | 2 MIN | 2017 | Johan Riipma
 A line is being extrapolated through a grid. When the line surpasses the boundaries of the grid, the process spreads to and reflects on its surroundings.

9. Night Walks
LATVIA | 6 MIN | 2018 | Lizete Upite
Tonight, Anna and her dad have decided to walk home trough the forest.  The silent forest is as enchanting as it is scary.

10. Winner's Bitch
US | 7 MIN | 2018 | Sam Gurry
Virginia Hampton was an all breed American Kennel Club judge from 1963-2002. She was a doting mother, breeder of Collies, and proponent of the Akita. Two of those things didn’t
happen. US Premiere

11. Min Börda (The Burden)
SWEDEN | 13 MIN | 2017 | Niki Lindroth Von Bahr
A musical with apocalyptic undertones. The story takes place in a supermarket, a long term hotel, a call center, and a hamburger restaurant. 

Screenings will be held at The Grand Cinema on 10/5 & the UW Tacoma Carwein Auditorium on 10/9.

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