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An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London
Comedy, Horror | 2022 | R. 1hr 37min
CAST: David Naughton, Griffin Dunne, Jenny Agutter DIRECTOR: John Landis WEIRD ELEPHANT | OCT. 16, 2021 | MASKS AND PROOF OF VACCINE REQUIRED 

David and Jack, two American college students, are backpacking through Britain when a large wolf attacks them. David survives, but Jack is brutally killed. As David heals in the hospital, he's plagued by violent nightmares of his mutilated friend, who warns David that he is becoming a werewolf. When David discovers the horrible truth, he contemplates committing suicide before the next full moon causes him to transform from man to murderous beast.

The prosthetics and animatronics of the initial transformation sequence are the unforgettable (and Oscar-winning) highlight of the picture.
Mike Massie, Gone with the Twins
The hallucinations and gnarly ghosts give this movie an unexpected Smorgasborg of horror.
Eve Tushnet, Patheos
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