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A World Without Borders

A World Without Borders
2018 | NR. 1hr 10min
DIRECTOR: Various 2018 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection

Five animated, documentary and dramatic short films.

1. Aria
CYPRUS | 13 MIN | 2017 | Myrsini Aristidou
Athens, today. Seventeen-year-old Aria, who is working at Jimmy’s local kebab place is waiting for a driving lesson with her father. When he arrives, it is not to go for a drive; on the contrary, he places a young Chinese immigrant who speaks neither Greek nor English in her care. WA State Premiere

2. Book of Daniel
US | 11 MIN | 2018 | Elodie Edjang
After spending 20 years in a Kenyan refugee camp, Daniel struggles to find community in the United States. With limited interaction beyond his workplace, Daniel creates religious paintings to cope with isolation and deep trauma. Filmmaker will be in attendance. World Premiere

3. Flores
PORTUGAL | 26 MIN | 2017 | Jorge Jácome
The entire population of Azores is forced to evict due to an uncontrolled plague of hydrangeas. Two young soldiers, bound to the beauty of the landscape, guide us through the stories of sadness of those forced to leave and the inherent desire to resist by inhabiting the islands. WA State Premiere

4. Airport
SWITZERLAND, CROATIA | 10 MIN | 2017 | Michaela Müller
In a contemporary airport, the flow of passengers is broken by sudden irregularities. As security forces try to determine the cause of the disruption, the atmosphere turns menacing at the slightest anomaly. Tragedy and panic are always just one step away. WA State Premiere

5. It’s Going To Be Beautiful
MEXICO, US | 8 MIN | 2018 | Luis Gutiérrez Arias, John Henry Theisen 
Eight prototypes for a border wall stand on the US-Mexico border. To choose a winning design, Border Patrol officers and the military will attempt to climb, dig under, or breach the structures using techniques employed by immigrants and drug dealers. US Premiere

Screenings will be held at The Grand Cinema.

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