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Thank you to everyone who applied. We anticipate announcing winners in mid July. Stay tuned!

Powered by South Sound Together, The Grand Cinema and Film In Tacoma are proud to announce the Film 253 Grants: a program that supports Pierce-County based film and media makers by investing in their creative vision, their contributions to the vibrancy and diversity of our community, and their ability to create job opportunities. 


Amateur and professional filmmakers and media creators who live or work in Pierce County. Film 253 Grants offer four categories of restricted funds. For categories 1 - 3, applicants must be 18 years old or older; for Category 4, the Rising Filmmaker Award, nominees must be between the ages of 16 and 24.


The application deadline has passed, thank you to everyone who applied.


Friday, June 29, 2018 at 9 PM PST

Awards Announcement

July 2018

Film 253 Grant Categories

Film 253 Grants offers four categories to which filmmakers may apply. Find the one below that is right for you. You may only apply for one category.

Category 1: Seed Funding for Pre-Production/Development

1 - 4 awards between $1,000 - $2,500
Securing “first money in” for a project can be a significant challenge. Seed funding is essential and encourages additional investment. Funds will be restricted to the proposed project.

Category 2: Finishing Funds for Post Production 

1 - 6 awards between $1,500 - $5,000
Post production represents some of filmmaking’s most expensive aspects. The costs, for example, of editing, music composition or licensing, sound sweetening, audio mastering, color correction, graphic design, and distribution, can be significant hurdles to completion. Applying projects would be need to be at or approaching fine cut as approved by the director, editor, and producer. Funds will be restricted to the proposed project.

CATEGORY 3: Equipment Funds

1 - 8 awards between $300 - $1,000
Often, a creator is held back from realizing their work due to technological and equipment constraints. This fund addresses a simple need; a project can more easily come together, and a business can go farther with the right equipment. Restricted for hardware, software, or subscription use, and is subject to panel approval.

CATEGORY 4: Rising Filmmaker Award

1 - 2 awards for $500
We believe in investing in the future of local production, which means recognizing and rewarding young creators ages 16 - 24. For this award, adults may nominate a potential award recipient, and youth may also apply directly. Restricted to use for a film project or for education opportunities such as college tuition or the cost of a workshop.

Questions? Need Help?

Direct any questions to Katy Evans, Assistant Executive Director, Engagement & Education:, 253-583-4718.

Why Film 253?

At The Grand Cinema, we believe that “creativity fuels culture, infuses a human-centered development and constitutes the key ingredient for job creation, innovation and trade while contributing to social inclusion, cultural diversity, and environmental sustainability.” - United Nations Creative Economy Report. 

South Sound Together is investing in local filmmakers through this opportunity. SST is a group of about two dozen local businesses and institutions working together on two goals: 1: spreading the good news about the South Sound, sharing stories about what makes our community a great place to live and a good place to do business. 2: investing in projects each year that build a stronger community and a stronger economy.

Local creative entrepreneurs and storytellers uniquely represent the goals for South South Together: the core of their work and expertise is anchored in their ability to share stories, and their success is one of the best demonstrations of the South Sound as a great place to live and do business.

Recognizing creators as innovators and entrepreneurs and investing in their success is essential for our communities and economies to continue to strengthen and evolve. The Film 253 Grants will both further The Grand’s commitment to community investment and fulfill the goals of South Sound Together

The Grand Cinema is proud to extend opportunities to our community regardless of race, sex, age, orientation, gender identity, religion, veteran or marital status, national origin, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic class, ability, or professional status. 

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are active processes that require continuous commitment. In principle and practice, The Grand works collaboratively to encourage participation by underrepresented groups and individuals, and to explore new opportunities. We are committed to supporting the growth of the creative economy by supporting and promoting film and media, and by creating accessible and equitable opportunities for local creators. 

By investing in independent, local film and creators, The Grand Cinema serve to deepen compassion and understanding; honor freedom of expression; challenge and dismantle systemic oppression; create environments enriched with diverse views and people; and help the development of socially responsible leaders and citizens.

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