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The Lives of Hamilton Fish

September 20th 2:00pm

lives of hamilton fish

The Lives of Hamilton Fish: Special Film Screening & Live Performance 

Rachel Mason is a prolific and multifaceted artist. In the course of her career she's released ten full-length records and shown her artworks, which range from sculpture to video performance, at esteemed art institutions around the country.

Her latest project is a 21-song cycle titled The Lives of Hamilton Fish, which Mason will perform live in-theater at The Grand Cinema, accompanying a feature-length film of the same name. The paired performance is equally indebted to the Who's Quadrophenia and the Steve Reich opera The Cave, with video and music interacting in fluid, complex ways””but the tunes themselves lean more towards the American folk tradition of John Prine.

The plot chronicles the true story of two men named Hamilton Fish who died on the same day but led vastly different lives.

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