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Science on Screen: Dune

September 30th 6:45pm

duneJoin The Grand Cinema for a special Science on Screen presentation of the 1984 David Lynch adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic novel Dune. Before the film screening, Dr. Erica Cline, a professor from the University of Washington Tacoma, will present her talk ”˜Restoration of the Sediment Plateau after Removal of the Elwha Dam.’ 

Dr. Cline will draw connections between this habitat restoration on the Olympic Peninsula to the mythic habitat of the desert planet of Arrakis: the removal of the Elwha Dams left behind sandy expanses of sediment reminiscent of Dune. 

Just as the Fremen people of Dune dreamed of restoring their stark planet to a verdant paradise, Olympic National Park launched an ambitious plan to accelerate succession by planting hundreds of thousands of seedlings in the sediment plateau. 

And just as Frank Herbert, author of Dune, revealed a complex ecosystem ruled by god-like sandworms formed from millions of tiny sandtrout, Dr. Cline studies how the association of tiny fungi known as mycorrhizas with the roots of conifer seedlings might help them survive the harsh sediment conditions. The goal of this study is to accelerate the return of the towering trees that once stabilized the banks of the great Elwha River.

Erica Cline is Associate Professor and Chair of Sciences and Mathematics in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Tacoma. Her current research interests include the role of mycorrhizal fungi in forest restoration, metals impacts on forests, and metals uptake in edible wild mushrooms. 

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This event is one of many occurring September 30 - October 8, honoring Tacoma native Frank Herbert and his impact on literature and environmental stewardship. Join in and find out more on Post Defiance.

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