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Panel Discussion - Hail Satan?

May 3rd 6:45pm

Join us for a panel discussion of Hail Satan? with The Satanic Temple Seattle Chapter following the 6:45 p.m. screening on Friday, May 3. 

Post-film discussions at The Grand Cinema offer you a richer experience at the movies with the opportunity to connect with others who enjoy film and meaningful conversations.

Read what our Executive Director has to say about the film: "Funny Documentary Hail Satan? Isn't What You Expect."

The Satanic Temple Seattle Chapter panelists:

Kitty: Kitty joined TST to participate in the After School Satan Club. She enjoys long walks on the beach and helping people escape the psychological abuse and brainwashing she experienced in religion.

Our Moderator - Derek: As a veteran, Derek is impassioned by the fight to acknowledge that non-standard religious people exist, and have always existed, in the military. He joined TST when he saw the organization fighting to acknowledge Satanic veterans with a memorial.
Darkur: Darkur discovered and joined the Satanic Temple in 2015 after standing up to his abusive parents about his non-Christian beliefs. Darkur wants to ensure that no child is forced into converting to a faith that seeks to silence their voices.
Joe: Joe joined TST out of a sincere belief in the necessity of the separation of church and state and the desire to join effective political action. He also finds a good expression of his humanistic values in the seven TST tenets.
Equinox: Equinox was led to The Satanic Temple by a compelling desire to help others and build a more tolerant environment for present and future generations. She believes that even the smallest action of kindness can change the world, even if it's just the world of a singular person.
Vapula Lix took a bite of the forbidden fruit and joined TST in 2014 after seeing the distribution of Satanic coloring books in a school because of the bibles that were being passed out. Throughout the past couple years she has stayed because of the community of like-minded people and the progressive change this group strives to make.

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