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On March 16, 2020, we shut our doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Except for three days for the Tacoma Film Festival and a few private rentals, we have been closed since with no re-opening date in sight.

When we shut our doors, we couldn’t have comprehended that it would last this long. To date we’ve been able to cover many expenses with small grants and an SBA loan, but those funds are now exhausted. Revenue is down over $1 million for the year, but fixed expenses continue.

Contributions will directly cover fixed monthly expenses: rent, utilities, phone, internet, property insurance, bookkeeping, health insurance for furloughed employees, plus minimal staff wages to keep virtual films and email updates coming your way. Our goal is to raise $93,520 which covers these fixed expenses for four months.

Read more and donate today at our GoFundMe campaign.

Giving to The Grand

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Your donations are tax deductible and help grow the love of independent film in our community and with the next generation of Grand fans. Please give today, click here to donate, and consider making a monthly pledge!


Your help ensures we can do the essential work of connecting communities through film, building supportive partnerships, and working together to learn and empower.  Because of you, The Grand Cinema is a resource where you can meet and learn from leaders, artists, activists, and teachers. 

Thank you for your support. We look forward, inspired by our mission to enrich lives and enhance the cultural vitality of the Greater Tacoma community through the art of film.


  • Sustaining general operations
  • Growing educational opportunities and the Tacoma Film Festival
  • Upgrading the in-theater experience 

  • volunteer


    Operational support is really about the life of an organization: the daily expenses that add up to keep The Grand thriving and growing. 

    Staff needs time and resources to develop programs and engage audiences, and everyone, including our patrons and volunteers, need things big and small; everything from pens, tape, and laptops to projector bulbs that cost more than $900 each. 

    Support the time, technology, and daily necessities that ensure the strong foundation for all of The Grand's exciting programs by giving to our general operations. 

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    film club

    Education programs: celebrating & supporting storytellers

    Our education program mission is to grow and nurture the agency, critical thinking, technical skills, and expression of filmmakers, with a guiding focus to serve young, underserved, emerging artists.

    We do this through hosting film camps and clubs, visiting filmmakers who share their process and work, Science on Screen, community film discussions and panels, and through the Tacoma Film Festival.

    The Tacoma Film Festival brings it all together, showcasing the best in new film and media, and offering engaging and unique educational opportunities to our community.


    Established in 2006, TFF is a week-long celebration of the best in new, independent film. 

    This intimate October festival is a haven for filmmakers, industry professionals, and fans, with interactive discussions, panels, and events to complement the wide range of films.

    TFF is also the proud host of Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Film

    These internationally recognized filmmakers come together at TFF where they screen their work and share their experiences. 

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    Throughout the year, The Grand works to keep our beautiful vintage theaters operating at their best. We do this by prioritizing: 
    • Digital projector maintenance 
    • Repairs and updates to in-theater furnishings, fixtures, and equipment as needed 
    • Upgrades and increased options to support our audience members who are deaf or hard of hearing


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