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Baby/Sensory-Friendly Screenings

The Grand Cinema offers weekly Wednesday screenings at 10:30 AM designed for parents with infants, autistic individuals, and guests with other special sensory needs. Regularly scheduled films will be shown with modifications.

Lights are a little brighter, volume is a little lower, open captions will be displayed (when available), and talking, making noise, and moving around are permitted. The purpose of this program is to invite young families who need a break from being at home and to provide a safe, welcoming space for guests with special needs. Feel free to move about, dance, sing, or shout! While babies are allowed, the content is not necessarily rated as family-friendly.

This week's offerings:

Wednesday, September 18, 10:30 AM

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Regular matinee pricing applies. If you purchased a sensory friendly screening by mistake, and would like a refund, please contact 253-572-6062 or

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