Films play at the Grand Cinema, Museum of Glass and Tacoma Art Museum

Sunday, October 7th

New York Showcase (93 min)

10:15am at the Museum of Glass

(Documentary, Directed by Albert Uria)

Director Albert Uria follows eleven college seniors as they prepare to perform at the New York Showcase. Whoever manages to get an agent will enter the professional performing world through the front door; the rest will have to keep on fighting as anonymous actors.

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Plays with:

The Last City in the East (6 min, Drama, Directed by Erik Hammen) NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance!**

Underground poet Paul Dickinson returns to the city that made him: St. Paul, Minnesota. Website


Odysseus' Gambit (12 min, Documentary, Directed by Alex Lora Cercos)

A gambit is a chess opening in which a player sacrifices a pawn with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position. Odysseus' Gambit is about a Cambodian-American man looking for his place in the game. Website  &  Trailer

Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings (54 min)

10:45am at the Tacoma Art Museum

(Documentary, Directed by Tadashi Nakamura)

Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings is a compelling portrait of an inspiring and inventive musician whose virtuoso skills on the ukulele have transformed all previous notions of the instrument's potential.

Cartoon College (76 min)

12:00pm at the Grand Cinema

(Documentary, Directed by Josh Melrod & Tara Wray)**Film subject in attendance!**

Cartoon College follows a group of students at one of America's most selective and grueling art schools. A thoughtful and funny look into the world of aspiring indie cartoonists and graphic novelists, Cartoon College examines the creative process in action, demonstrating the passion and fortitude it requires when a person chooses their art over all else. *Official Selection: Newport Beach and Vancouver International Film Festivals

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CARTOON COLLEGE Don't miss a special post-film discussion with Jen Vaughn, who is featured in CARTOON COLLEGE. Jen will have some comics to display and will share her knowledge and skills with the audience.

Plays with:

Spaghetti For Two (19 min, Comedy, Directed by Matthias Rosenberger)

... when losers win.




H Becomes a K

Documentary Shorts (95 min)

12:15pm at the Museum of Glass
  • Packed website & trailer
  • The Search for Dismal Nitch NW Film **Filmmakers in attendance!**
  • Londoners Facebook
  • Hazzard NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance!**
  • Four Students website NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance!**
  • H Becomes a K website NW Film
  • You Have the Right to an Attorney website & trailer

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Animated Shorts (83 min)

12:30pm at the Tacoma Art Museum

Shinobi Blues

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Plays with:

Love, Salvador (5 min, Drama, Directed by Alex Meader)

Salvador is a young man writing a letter to a mother he never knew. The line between reality and dream becomes blurred as Salvador struggles to understand the pain and the joy of his mother's memory. *World Premiere!*  

Dead Man's Burden (93 min)

2:15pm at the Grand Cinema

*Director's pick!

(Western Drama, Directed by Jared Moshe)

In an America still reeling from the civil war, a homesteader is killed and his lawman son returns home to find a sister that thinks him dead, and injustice waiting to be righted. *Official Selection: Los Angeles Film Festival

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Francine (74 min)

2:30pm at the Tacoma Art Museum

(Drama, Directed by Brian M. Cassidy & Melanie Shatzky)

Academy Award winner Melissa Leo gives a fierce and restrained performance as Francine, a woman struggling to find her place in a downtrodden lakeside town after leaving behind a life in prison. Taking a series of jobs working with animals, Francine turns away others and instead seeks intimacy in the most unlikely of places. Gritty, elliptical, and voyeuristic, Francine is a portrait of a near-silent misfit and her fragile first steps in an unfamiliar world. *Official Selection: Berlin & SXSW Film Festivals.

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 FRANCINE poster

*Also plays Friday, October 5, 4:00pm at the Grand Cinema


The Magic Life (73 min)

2:30pm at the Museum of Glass

(Documentary, Directed by Nelson Cheng) **Film Editor in attendance!**

The Magic Life chronicles the journey of three magician hopefuls: a 17-year-old magic prodigy from Beijing, a 25-year-old street performer, and a 32-year-old NYU graduate hoping to perform at LA's Magic Castle. Follow them through the challenges and societal pressures when they choose this unconventional career path. The Magic Life is about those who are willing to risk everything to take the road not normally taken. *Official Selection: Nashville Film Festival

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Drama Shorts (105 min)

4:15pm at the Museum of Glass


*Also plays Tuesday, October 9, 4:00pm at the Grand Cinema

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Andrew Bird: Fever Year (81 min)

4:30pm at the Grand Cinema

(Documentary, Directed by Xan Aranda) **Filmmaker in attendance!**

The acclaimed musician's rigorous touring year culminates in perpetual fever as he crosses the finish line on crutches. This concert documentary features collaborators Martin Dosh, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Michael Lewis and Annie Clark of St. Vincent. *Official Selection: New York, Chicago International, Vancouver, Denver, Full Frame and Hot Docs Film Festivals.

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Pilgrim Song (116 min)

6:00pm at the Grand Cinema

*Director's pick!

(Drama, Directed by Martha Stephens) **Filmmaker in attendance!**

Seeking escape from his stalled relationship and unhappy place in the world, a recently fired music teacher sets out to hike Kentucky's Sheltowee Trace Trail. On his way, he encounters various strange characters and becomes the reluctant companion of a gregarious father and son who ultimately help him rediscover what he's been missing. *Official Selection: SXSW, Riverrun, New Orleans and Nashville Film Festivals

*Also plays Friday, October 5, 6:15pm at the Grand Cinema

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Sunday Night Showcase

Presentation of this year's juried awards and the Audience Choice Award will precede the screening!


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Valley of Saints (82 min)

6:30pm at the Grand Cinema

(Subtitled Drama, Directed by Musa Syeed) **Film composer in attendance!**

Gulzar, a young boatman, and his best friend plan to escape the perils of their city, Kashmir, an Indian state often in the throes of rebellion. Thwarted by a week-long curfew, they take on the job of guiding Asifa, a beautiful environmentalist researching pollution. Asifa teaches Gulzar about the environmental threats to his surroundings as they develop an unlikely relationship. With the curfew ending, he is torn between fleeing to a new life or rebuilding his homeland with Asifa. *Winner of the Audience Award in the World Cinema Dramatic category at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

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We are Legion: the Story of the Hacktivists (95 min)

8:30pm at the Grand Cinema

(Documentary, Directed by Brian Knappenberger)

A documentary about the workings and beliefs of the self-described "hacktivist" collective, Anonymous. *Official Selection: HodDocs, Ashland Independent, SXSW and Slamdance Film Festivals.

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*Also plays Saturday, October 6, 12:40pm at Tacoma Art Museum


Plays with:

Trotteur (9 min, Experimental Drama, Directed by Arnaud Brisebois & Francis Leclerc)

Trotteur is a metaphor of adversity, an infernal race against a merciless adversary. *Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival Website & Trailer

Crawl (80 min)

8:45pm at the Grand Cinema

(Horror, Directed by Paul China)

A seedy bar owner hires a mysterious Croatian to commit murder, but a planned double-crossing backfires when a young waitress is taken hostage. A suspenseful, yet darkly humorous chain of events builds to a bloodcurdling climax.

Website  &  Trailer

*Pairing also plays Friday, October 5, 10:15pm at the Grand Cinema

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